The Concept

North American growers of small seed can ship product in freshly harvested, bulk form to Pine Creek Seed Farm in Pennsylvania for cleaning, processing, bagging, storage, and delivery.


Cleaning, processing, bagging, tagging, warehousing, and shipping from Pine Creek Seed Farm to your customers in Eastern locations


Seed Warehousing

Pine Creek Seed Farm has over 50,000 square feet of warehouse space, including the following appurtenances.

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  • Large pallet rack system allows stacking of 3 to 4 high

  • Space for storing nearly 100 full truckloads of product

  • Cold storage facility, 50° F at 50% humidity, for delicate seeds over the summer months. This area also doubles as an ideal venue for fumigation if needed.

  • Three loading docks to keep product moving efficiently.

  • Location in North Central Pennsylvania, in Jersey Shore, is within 10 miles of I-80 and US Route 15.


Seed Distribution in Eastern Locations

Pine Creek Seed Farm manages shipment of your product to distributors, dealers, customers of all kinds, in the Eastern and Southeastern regions of the U.S.  Truckloads or LTL shipments.

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Cleaning, Processing, Bagging, Tagging, Custom Mixing

Pine Creek Seed Farm has a four-story seed processing tower that includes the following:

  • Two Oliver Gravity Separators

  • Crippen 688 Seed Cleaner

  • Scale Room for tractor trailers

  • Overall 20,000 bushel bin capacity for storage, staging, processing

  • Two seed treaters for inoculation, seed coating as needed

  • Seed mixer with 4,000-pound capacity

Four-story Seed Processing Tower

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Highest quality cleaning and processing


Seed Production

We oversee some 600 acres of the family’s river bottom farm-land, known for ideal conditions for growing seed. Our plans include raising seed by contract for seed companies with a presence in the East and Southeast regions.


Also, we contract seed production with local farmers who have seed production experience, including seed corn and soybeans.


Pine Creek Seed Farm plans to make the following crops available on the open seed market.

Soil Cube4Wheat_76810083.jpg

Plans include raising various small grain seed crops.

Winter Seed Crops

Winter Triticale

Black Oats



Spring Seed Crops
Spring Triticale
Spring Oats

Summer Seed Crops


Research and Observation Plots

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Our location in the valley region of Pennsylvania is a good area to select for disease pressure while addressing the needs of Northern regions.


The Pine Creek staff has good knowledge of planting and monitoring various types of forage and cover crops for trials.


The location is especially convenient for trials and training in conjunction with Penn State University and Cornell University. Pine Creek is also convenient for crop demonstrations, meetings and field days for farmers, depending on the specific needs.


Wildlife Seed

One of the key benefits you will find with Pine Creek Seed Farm is the unique combination of experience, expertise, and vision. For you, this can mean improvements in your selection

of product offerings, for just one example.


We have successfully helped build and expand market presence and penetration for producers of wildlife seed. We are hunters ourselves and understand the wildlife seed market from the inside out.

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Please call to discuss opportunities. 570-599-6949


Native Plant Species

Environmentalists, homeowners, landscapers and landscape architects want to know the plants that are native to their area.


Pine Creek Seed Farm has strong alliances with a wide range of native seed producers.


We can provide single species of choice, or virtually any kind of seed mix for restoring land back to its natural state.

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Online Marketing

If nothing else, the recent pandemic and its restrictions underscore the need for customers, including farmers, to reach their suppliers online. The personal touch will never go out of style, but when it comes to speed, efficiency, best use of time, and crossing a task off of your to-do list, doing business online makes a world of sense.


For seed companies, this can mean customer expectations must be met in order to stay competitive. Pine Creek Seed Farm is committed to being at the forefront as seed buyers continually become more comfortable with placing online orders.


The point is that we can help represent your seed brands, especially in the East and Southeastern regions of North America.


We think talking about the possibilities for your seed company is worth the time.


Even the most efficient online marketing system requires knowledgeable staff to answer, for example, agronomic, variety selection, and pricing questions in real time.


Pine Creek Seed Farm intends to excel - on behalf of your seed company - at the techniques driving the move to online purchases by farmers. 


Technology may  change, but the basic needs of customers remain the same.


Great products at a reasonable price, and customer service to back up every sale.