Dirt is not soil.

"Dirt" is a word that can often be mistaken for soil. Soil is living, dirt may be dead.

Here at Pine Creek Seed Farm, we take pride in our experts to deliver you the right information depending on your needs. Not all cover crop seed will work for any needs. Our experts will identify your problems, assess the needs, and provide you with the highest quality seed in the industry. 

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Diving Deep

Soils are living.

Good in, Good out

Practicing good conservation habits, results in good output from the soil, ultimately creating higher yields.

Cover cropping is one of many good conservation habits that can be the highest cost benefit factor. What goes in, comes back out. When planting cover crops, we need to think of not only what its benefiting as far as soil health, but what else can we use a cover crop for? Are you grazing in the winter, or would like to try grazing in the winter? Are you using it for deer hunting in the winter months? Are you planning to get haylage from it in the spring? These are questions that our experts here at Pine Creek Seed farm can help you find the answer! 

Soil Organisms make healthy soils

The concept of health of the soil and the health of the human being is not much different, with each using organisms to break down different matter and giving an output. Good practices like cover cropping can be the best and easiest way to keep your organisms alive. It can be looked at and thought of as a vitamin that we take. However, its more than that. Its not only a vitamin, but its a producer. Cover crops can not only help organisms to stay healthy and remain within the soil (along with good practice), but can produce high yields for whatever type of crop is needed.